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What is EduX?

Asia's largest blockchain education innovation carnival is happening at East Asia's super node: Taipei. EduX Taipei 2024 will showcase the energy and vitality of blockchain, Web3 education, and innovation in East Asia through lectures, dialogues, experiences, hackathons, and ecosystem tours. We welcome blockchain startups, entrepreneurs, creators, enthusiasts, investors, developers, and learners from all over the world to gather in Taipei. We firmly believe that the key to "breaking out" for blockchain is education.

Ko Ju-Chun


Legislative Yuan (Taiwan Parliament)

Chen Mei-Ling

General Assembly Convener

Taiwan Blockchain Alliance

Jaclyn Tsai

Executive Director

Asia FinTech Alliance

Nicole Chan

Honorary Chair

Taiwan Association for Blockchain Ecosystem Innovation

Liao Shih-Wei

Associate Professor

National Taiwan University, CSIE

Yang Yueh-Ping (Alex)

Associate Professor

National Taiwan University, Law

/join/Stan Ying.webp
Stan Ying

Advisor & Co-Lead

HKUST Web3.0 Labs

/join/Makoto Aoki.webp
Makoto Aoki


WebX & CoinPost

/join/Lee Lik-Hang.webp
Lee Lik-Hang

Assistant Professor

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, ISE

/join/Jake Choi.webp
Jake Choi

CEO & Co-Founder

Whitewater Labs


Comprising a dynamic mix of hackers, enthusiasts, advocates, and entrepreneurs from college communities across Taiwan, we're here at Taiwan Blockchain Academia. Fueled by grand dreams of world-changing innovations and a passion for demystifying the wonders of Web3 for novices, we stand at the forefront of an exciting journey.

Our gig? Bridging the gap between academia and the industry through in-depth research, innovative teaching, and spreading groundbreaking applications. We're here to amplify career opportunities, foster international camaraderie, and offer an unparalleled experience in Asia that truly stands out.

Are you eager to dive into the world of blockchain? Join us for an adventure where learning, innovation, and fun meet!


BZD is the organizer of Taipei Blockchian Week (TBW), with the mission of bringing people who love Web3 and Taiwan together and growing the Taiwan Web3 ecosystem on the global stage. BZD aspires to be a platform and community where resources and connections are shared to enable each other to do inspiring and impactful things together.


Taipei Blockchain Week 2024 brings together industry experts from all over the world in the blockchain space to educate and empower the Taiwanese community to become a growing hub for Web3 innovation.


XueDAO is the very first student-led community dedicated to Student Developers in Taiwan! Driven by our vision to 'Show the world that Taiwanese students can BUILD,' we are proud to co-host the student-only XueDAO CONNECT Hackathon with EduX!


We aim to improve the interoperability and co-creation of startups and blockchain ecosystem in Taiwan. Utilizing Web3 technology to rebuild Web2 industries, leading Taiwan to the world.


The most reliable blockchain media in Taiwan covers the latest news in the blockchain and crypto world and provides readers with in-depth analysis. ABMedia is also well know for its podcast “BroBlockChance”

Fincance Lab

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